Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Way To A Man's Heart Is Through His Stomach

I decided yesterday morning that, since Hans has worked so hard all week - 65 hours in 6 days - that I would reward him with a nice, romantic, home cooked meal. I planned and schemed, went to the grocery and got everything to make real, honest to goodness gourmet eggplant parmesan.

The fates intervened, and it was not to be last night. So last night we went to the pub with friends, and then today, after not waking up till 1pm, I got started. Sauce, made from scratch, eggplant, dredged, coated and fried to a perfect, golden brown.

By eight this evening, I was plating a lovely meal of eggplant parmesan, sautéed green beans and baby bella mushrooms with butter and lemon zest and Cuban bread. Add candles and soft music, and it was a near perfect romantic dinner!

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