Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Baking Is Love You Can Eat

I have decided that, today, right now, I am going to bake some Portuguese Sweet Bread. Provided I have all the necessary ingredients, that is. I may also bake some of my herbed Irish Soda Bread. I also need to find a recipe for these wonderful potato scones that my friend brought in for my team lead on Monday....

So, since I have been a bad, bad blogger, I am going to give you all the recipe for my Portuguese Sweet Bread. If I make the soda bread, I will post it as well. While it all bakes, I will either be cleaning my house, or posting about dinner from the last two nights! Cleaning should take priority, but we'll see! Enjoy!

1C milk
1 egg
2T margerine
1/3C + 2T sugar
3/4tsp salt
3C bread flour
2 1/2tsp (one envelope) active dry yeast
Add ingredients in order suggested by machine mfg (usually wet ingredients on bottom, then salt & sugar, flour creating a barrier between liquid and yeast)
Select sweet bread setting, then wait (about 3hrs all total).

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