Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fishes and loaves....

So maybe just fishes, although I'm sure some loaves were used in the creation of the stuffing....

I'm not big on words tonight, so I'll just tell you what it was and show you the pictures.

Salmon, baked in foil with lemon, butter and a wee spot of kosher salt. Fresh green beans sauteed with lemon zest, butter, kosher salt and baby bella slices. Stove top stuffing (yeah, I know - I went a little off with that last one, but I love the stuff and no one else in the family is as fond of it!). It was divine. It will be divine when I have it again, tonight!

I guess that's the benefit of Hans working these wicked late hours - I get to have what I want, how I want it for dinner. Which is great for a day or two, but I'm ready to eat what he wants with him again.

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